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The Instander APK changelog is here for you. It has all the new updates and changes for the Instander app. We keep working to make Instander better for you. If you’ve been using Instander for a while or just started, this page tells you what’s new.

Our changelog has info on all Instander versions, from the newest one to older ones. You’ll find details about new things added, problems fixed, and other changes made over time. It shows how Instander has gotten better.

We want you to look at all the new stuff in Instander. From big updates to small fixes, there’s always something new happening. So check it out – you might find some features you didn’t know about!

Latest Version: Instander v.18.0

Instander v.18.0 is now out with new things! This version needs Android 9 or newer and works on AArch64 phones. If you have a newer phone, you can use these new features. Let’s see what’s new in this app development update!


  • We added a Monet theme for Android 12+ users. Now your Instander can look like your phone!
  • Don’t like the new theme? You can turn it off if you want.
  • We fixed some problems with feed loading on some phones.
  • The Reels download button works again.
  • We made the Alte & Hoefler New fonts look better.
  • We updated our target SDK to 33 to make the app work better.

Instander v18.0 Beta Versions

Beta 4

  • We fixed some problems with the Monet theme. It looks even better now!
  • We fixed an issue with the Monet switch on Android 12 phones.
  • We updated the target SDK to 33 to make the Instander APK better.

Beta 3

  • We added the Monet theme for Android 12 and up. You can make the app look how you want!
  • We fixed some starting problems on some phones. Now it starts better for everyone!
  • The Monet theme now works in many languages, like English, French, Arabic, and more. Look in the app to see if your language works!

Beta 1 and Beta 0

  • Beta 1 was our second try to fix feed problems. We always try to make your scrolling better!
  • In Beta 0, we fixed that hard feed loading problem. Thanks to @yar_patokin for helping us test!
  • We also fixed the Reels download button and the Alte & Hoefler New fonts.

Instander v.17.1

  • Good news! You can now post 60-second stories. You have more time to share your day!
  • We fixed the download button in the three-dot menu. Now it’s easier to save things you like.
  • We made the MobileConfig updater work better. Updates will be smoother now!

Instander v.17.0

Get ready for a big update! Instander v.17.0 is based on Instagram version This update needs Android 9+ and ARM64-v8a phones. If your phone has these, you can use some new features!

  • We added a Reels scrubber. Now you can find your favorite part of any Reel easily!
  • When you watch a Live, you’ll see a new badge. You can show others you watched live!
  • For story lovers, we added new fonts to make your stories look better.
  • We added translations for many languages. More people can use Instander now!
  • We had to remove the In-App Lock because of some safety problems.
  • The video scrubber is gone for now. We might bring it back later, so keep checking!
  • We removed the Mark as read feature and Instander Backup Settings. We’re making things simpler!
  • The download button in feed has moved. You can find it in the three dots menu now.
  • If you use Ghost Mode, the Live connection message is gone. You can be more hidden now!

Instander v.16.0

Instander v.16.0 is now like Instagram version This update has new features to make your Instander better. Let’s see what’s new!

  • If you use Android 12+, we added Monet color scheme support. Your app will look nicer!
  • We added an Animated Splash for Android 12+ and a Themed Icon for Android 13+. The app looks better when you open it!
  • Try our new In-App Lock (Beta). You can keep your Instander APK safe!
  • You can now make 60-second stories. You can share longer stories!
  • For developers, we added a MobileConfig decoder.
  • We have a new Instander Sans font. It works with Latin, Cyrillic, Thai, Tamil, and Persian!
  • We made the Instander menu, all dialogs, and toast messages look new. It looks fresh but works the same!
  • We added Spanish. Spanish speakers can use it now!

Instander v.15.4 and v.15.3

v.15.4 Known Issues

  • Story Likes were not working right. We’re fixing it!
  • Some people couldn’t vote in polls. We know you want to vote!
  • Tagging people in group chats was not working. We’re fixing it so you can tag your friends!

v.15.3 Fixes

  • For Samsung users with One UI 4, we fixed the random crashes. Your app should work better now!
  • The ‘Mark as read’ feature was making the app crash on some phones. We fixed that.
  • We rebuilt the app using new tools. It’s like we made Instander better!

Instander v.15.2 and v.15.1


  • We fixed the random crashes some of you had. Your Instander should work better now!
  • For those who changed from the XE version, we turned off the snow effect. No more surprise snow!


  • IGTV fans, good news! You can now save IGTV videos in the app.
  • We added a new Mark as Read feature. You can clear notifications easily now!
  • You can quickly turn on ‘Don’t mark Direct as read’ by pressing long on the direct button. It’s easy!
  • Stories won’t flip by themselves now. You can control them!
  • We added backups for your Instander settings. Your choices are safe now!
  • We have a new Instander menu. You can download, see, and get links to posts all in one place!

Instander v.15.0

Instander v.15.0 is now like Instagram version We added some new things, but we also had to change some things for now. Let’s see what’s new!

  • You can use Link stickers now! Share websites you like in your stories.
  • We added the ‘Add yours’ sticker. You can join in story chains with everyone!
  • The video scrubber is always on now. You can find your favorite part of any video easily!
  • We had to remove the ‘Mark as read’ feature in direct messages for now. We’re trying to bring it back soon!
  • IGTV downloads are not working for a short time. We didn’t forget about them!
  • You might see some ads in old posts. We’re trying to fix this.

Instander v.14.1 and v.14.0


  • We fixed the action buttons in comments. You can use them easily now!
  • We fixed the crashes caused by notifications. You won’t have those problems now.
  • The pin icon in comments is back where it should be. You can pin comments again!
  • We fixed the problem that made the app crash when you opened Direct messages. You can chat without problems now!
  • Changing to the first photo in profiles works smoothly now.
  • We stopped saving and uploading photos in webp format. Your photos will look better now!


  • We updated to Instagram version The Instander APK is new and up-to-date!
  • If you use Android 12, we added a new animation splash screen. It looks nice!
  • We added a menu to show you the Instander Team. You can know who made the app!
  • Ads don’t have display problems now. We fixed that for you.
  • We fixed errors in subscriptions and likes. You can use these without problems now.
  • Adding Reels and IGTV to your Stories works well now. You can share them easily!
  • Photos are in the best quality now. Your pictures will look really good!

Instander v.13.1

Instander v.13.1 is now like Instagram version We added some new things and made some changes to make your Instander better. Let’s see what’s new!

  • For video fans, we added a video scrubber in settings. You can find your favorite parts faster!
  • Want to help us? We added PayPal and Tinkoff to our donation menu. Your help keeps us working!
  • We changed how you copy and translate comments. It’s now in the Misc/Additional menu for each comment.
  • We made Story Camera better! Your stories will look nicer now.
  • We had to remove Unmutual followers. Instagram changed things, so we couldn’t keep it.
  • We fixed our code. Instander should work better now!
  • We fixed problems with watching live broadcasts. You won’t miss anything now!
  • You can copy up to 5000 characters now. You have more space for your words!

Instander v.12.1 and v.12.0


  • We fixed the problem with downloading media on some phones. You can download easily now!
  • Your downloads now go to /Pictures/Instander. It’s easy to find them!
  • For crypto fans, we added Ethereum to our donation options.
  • For Russian users, we added OTA changelog in Russian. You can stay updated!


  • We updated to Instagram version The app is new and fresh!
  • We changed how we make photos look better. Your pictures will look really nice now!
  • IGTV fans, you can now save your favorite videos in the app.
  • We have a new Social Networks Menu. You can find Instander on Telegram, Instagram, and Reddit!
  • We removed Splunk MINT Crashlytics. We care about your privacy.
  • We fixed problems with some fonts. The ‘ad’, ‘ag’, ‘ah’ and ‘&’ symbols look right now!
  • For dark theme users, we fixed color problems on MIUI, FlymeOS, and similar systems.
  • Threads show up right on profiles now. You won’t miss any talks!

Instander v.11.0 and v.10.0


  • We updated to Instagram version You have the newest version!
  • Instander Reels is here! You can make and share short, fun videos easily.
  • We added a new font. You can find it at the bottom of the list!
  • You can translate comments now. You can understand comments in other languages!
  • We removed Unmutual Followers. It was causing too many problems.
  • We removed “Fullscreen Stories” and “Don’t crop Stories” features. We’re making things simpler!
  • For Android 5.1 users, we fixed installation problems. You can use Instander APK now!


  • We updated to Instagram version The app is very new!
  • You can hide your view count on Live Streams now. You can watch without others knowing!
  • Stories play with sound automatically now. You can hear everything right away!
  • We added Monobank to our donation menu. You have more ways to help us!
  • We removed PayPal and Privat24 from donations. They were causing problems.
  • We made the Instander Menu look new. It’s easier to use now!
  • We fixed the Instagram problem that made some icons look strange and see-through.

Instander v.9.2 and v.9.1


  • We added an “Indicator Follows You” feature. Now you can see who is following you!
  • You can choose where to save your downloads now. You can keep your Instander downloads organized how you like!
  • We made photo quality better. Your pictures will look clearer now!
  • Story quality is better too. You can share your day with better quality!
  • We made the verification and acknowledgment menus look new. They are easy to use now!
  • Instander settings only work in standing up mode now. The menus won’t turn sideways anymore!
  • We cleaned up our code. Instander should work better now!


  • For IGTV fans, we made video quality better. Your long videos will look really nice!
  • Reels look better now too. You can make short videos that look great!
  • We fixed the Stories quality. Your daily updates will be clear now.
  • We removed ads from your feed. You won’t see them anymore.
  • The Highlight menu works right now. You can show your best moments easily!
  • Message status works correctly now. You’ll know when messages are seen.
  • We added many new languages. More people can use Instander now!

Instander v.9.0

Instander v.9.0 is now like Instagram version This is a big update! We added many new things to make your Instander better. Let’s see what’s new!

  • We added “Full-screen Stories”! You can see your friends’ updates big and clear.
  • We added a “Don’t crop Stories” option. You can show your whole picture now!
  • You can save self-destruct photos now. You won’t miss any pictures!
  • We made Direct messages better. You can save photos from your chats now.
  • You can download Reels now. You can keep your favorite short videos!
  • You can select bios now. You can copy nice quotes easily!
  • Voice messages sound better now. We made them easier to hear.
  • We fixed selfie-stickers. You can use them without problems now!
  • Videos post without problems now. You can upload them easily!
  • We fixed the high CPU usage problem. Your phone battery will last longer!
  • QR Code sharing works right now. You can connect with friends easily!

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