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Fix Instander Crashing: When Opening Comments 2024



Instander is a popular mod for Instagram that gives users extra features like custom options and downloading content. Many people use it to make Instagram better. But lately, some users are having a problem where Instander crashes when they try to open comments.

If you’re having this Instander crashing issue, don’t worry. This guide will show you some easy fixes to get Instander working right again. We’ll tell you the main reasons it crashes and give you steps to fix Instander. Let’s get your app working so you can use comments again.

Understanding the Instander Crashing Issue

You’re looking at posts on Instander and want to read comments. But when you tap to see them, the app stops working and goes back to your phone’s main screen. This Instander crashing problem is happening to many users these days.

Before we tell you how to fix it, it’s good to know when it happens. Does it crash only for some posts? Or every time you open comments? Knowing this helps find the right way to fix Instander faster.

Common Causes of Instander Crashing

  • Old version of Instander
  • App not installed right
  • Other apps causing problems
  • Changes in how Instagram works
  • Phone not working well with the app

Old versions might not work with new Instagram updates. If the app didn’t install right, some parts might be missing. Other apps could be using too much of your phone’s power. Instagram changes can stop Instander from working right. And some phones just don’t work well with the app.

Quick Fixes to Try First

  1. Update Instander: Go to and get the newest version. Remove the old one first for a fresh start.
  2. Restart Your Phone: Turning your phone off and on can fix small problems.
  3. Check Storage Space: If your phone is almost full, apps might not work right. Delete some things you don’t need.
  4. Clear Cache and Data: Go to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Instander. Tap “Storage” then “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”. You’ll need to sign in again after.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Disabling Conflicting Apps/Mods

Other apps might cause problems with Instander. Try turning off Instagram and other social media apps one at a time. If Instander stops crashing, you know which app is causing trouble. You may need to choose between Instander and that app.

Using a VPN

A VPN might help if the crashes happen because of where you live. But be careful – not all VPNs are good. Use ones you trust and know that it might make your internet slower.

Trying Different Instander Variants

There are different types of Instander. If the normal one isn’t working, try the “Lite” or “Clone” versions. These might not have all the features but could stop the crashing.

Reinstalling Instander

If nothing else works, starting over can help. Reinstalling gets rid of any broken files or settings that might be causing the problem.

Reinstalling Instander
  1. Uninstall Instander: Press and hold the app icon, tap “Uninstall”, and say yes.
  2. Clear Leftover Files: Use a file manager app to delete any Instander folders left on your phone.
  3. Download Latest Version: Go to for the newest, real version. Don’t use other websites that might not be safe.
  4. Install and Set Up: Install the APK, open the app, and sign in. Don’t use an old backup – start new.

Optimizing Device Performance

A slow phone can make any app stop working. Help Instander work better by making your phone faster.

  • Update Operating System: New Android or iOS versions often fix problems that can affect apps.
  • Manage Background Apps: Close apps you’re not using. They use up memory Instander could use.
  • Check for Malware: Use your phone’s virus checker or get a good antivirus app to look for problems.

Addressing Specific Scenarios

Crashing When Uploading Content

If Instander crashes when you’re trying to post, it might have trouble with your file. Try making your photo smaller or cutting your video shorter before posting. Sometimes, using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data can help too.

Issues with High-Resolution Media

Very clear photos look nice, but they can slow down Instander. The app might have trouble with them, causing it to stop working. Try making your photos and videos smaller or use Instander’s own tools to make them a bit smaller.

When to Contact Instander Support

If you’ve tried everything and Instander still isn’t working right, it’s time to ask for help. Contact support if you see a problem that keeps happening or if the app acts strange on different phones.

When you ask for help, give lots of details. Tell them what kind of phone you have, what version of Android you’re using, and exactly what you were doing when Instander stopped working. Pictures or videos of the problem can be very helpful too.

Preventing Future Crashes

  • Keep Instander up to date
  • Clear extra data regularly
  • Don’t fill up your phone’s storage
  • Be careful with other special apps

Always get the newest version of Instander – new versions often fix problems. Clear extra data every week to keep the app running smoothly. Don’t let your phone get too full – Instander needs space to work. And think carefully before adding other special apps – they might not work well together and cause problems.


When Instander crashes while opening comments, it can be very annoying. But now you know many ways to fix it. From simple things like restarting your phone to more complex fixes, there’s a way to solve most problems.

Remember, keeping Instander updated is the best way to stop it from crashing. Try these tips and see which one makes your app work again. Soon, you’ll be able to use Instagram without any trouble.

Tell us in the comments if you’ve had this problem too. Did one of these fixes help you? Or do you know another way to fix Instander? Let’s help each other and keep using Instander without problems!

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