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How to Download Instagram Story in Instander



Want to save Instagram stories? Instander lets you do that! It’s a changed version of Instagram that makes it easy to download stories, which the normal app doesn’t allow. With Instander, you can keep all those funny videos, nice quotes, and pretty photos your friends and favorite people share.

Instander isn’t just for downloading stories though. It has lots of cool things Instagram users have asked for. And guess what? All these extra options are free. You can even save stories from private accounts you follow, which gives you more choices than regular Instagram.

I’ll show you step-by-step how to use Instander to download stories. If you’re new to the app or just want to make sure you’re using it right, I’ve got all the details. We’ll go through everything so you can start saving those stories you want to keep quickly. This Story Saver app makes it simple to be an InstaDownloader and save the content you like.

About Instander

Instander makes Instagram even better. It’s like a super-powered version of the normal app, with lots of cool things you can’t usually do. Think of it as making Instagram just how you want it – that’s what Instander does.

With Instander, you don’t just look at photos and videos. You can save them right to your phone. Want to keep that great IGTV video or the new popular reel? It’s easy. Even those stories that go away after a day? You can save those too.

And there’s more! Don’t like those ads in your feed? Instander gets rid of them. Want to send a photo or message that goes away after someone sees it? You can do that too. It’s like getting to use all of Instagram’s hidden features.

Alternatives to Instander

Instander is great, but it’s not the only choice. Here are some other options if you want to try something else:

  • Story Saver: This one’s good if you don’t want another app. Just go to their website and you can get stories right from your web browser.
  • InstaDownloader: If you have an Android phone, try this app. It’s good for saving many stories at once if you’re in a rush.
  • Regrammer: This one’s nice if you like to share things again. You can pick certain parts of stories to save, which is cool if you only want some bits.

Download Story in Instander? – Step-by-Step

Want to start saving stories with Instander? Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, you can’t get Instander from the Google Play Store. Go to to get the real one.
  2. Find the newest Instander version that works on your phone. Make sure it’s the right one!
  3. Your phone might not like installing apps from the internet. Go to your security settings and say it’s okay to install apps from other places.
  4. After it’s installed, open Instander and sign in with your Instagram info.
  5. See your profile picture? Tap it, then hit the three dots for settings.
  6. Go down to the Story part. Find “Download Stories” under Advanced and turn it on.
  7. Now the fun part! Look through your feed or search for someone whose story you want to keep.
  8. When you see a story you like, tap the three dots above it.
  9. A menu will show up. Hit “Download” and the story is saved to your phone.
  10. Now you can watch that story anytime, even without internet!
Download Instagram Story in Instander

Download Instagram Stories on iPhone

Have an iPhone and want to keep those Insta stories? You’ll need to use some other apps or use Safari. It’s like having a helper do it for you!

Just so you know – this only works if your iPhone has iOS 13 or newer. If you have an older version, you might need to update it.

Ready to start? Open Safari and go to Story Saver. Just click on that download link, and you’re done. It’s very easy!

Download Instagram Stories on Android

Android users can save stories too! Just use your Chrome browser and go to It’s like having a special tool to catch Instagram stories right on your phone.

When you’re there, just do what the site says. It’s as simple as following steps, but instead of making food, you get Instagram stories!

Very quickly, those stories will be saved on your device. It’s faster than liking a photo. Now you can see those short-time posts whenever you want! This makes it easy to be an InstaDownloader and save the stories you like with a simple Story Saver tool.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Want to use Instander better? Try these helpful ideas:

  • Quick Save: Press and hold the Download button to get many stories at once. It’s like fast shopping for Instagram stuff!
  • Keep Highlights: Like someone’s highlights? Tap the three dots on the highlight cover and you can save the whole set.
  • Find Your Saves: All your downloaded things go in the Instander folder on your phone. Use your phone’s file app to find them easily.
  • Fast Download: Instander has a Story Saver part built-in. It’s a quick way to get stories – very fast and simple!


How do I download a specific story?

It’s easy! Just open the story you want, tap the three dots, and pick download. That’s all!

Can I download private stories?

You can, but it’s not nice. Always ask the person first. Taking private stuff without asking is not allowed by Instagram’s rules.

Are there alternatives to Instander for story downloading?

Yes, there are! Apps like InstaDownloader and Story Saver can do it too. But Instander works really well on its own.

Is Instander safe to use?

If you get it from the right website, it’s safe. Instander has good safety things built into it.

Final Words

That’s all about getting Instagram stories with Instander. It’s not hard – anyone can do it!The good thing is, you don’t need to know a lot about tech to do this. It’s very simple, even if you don’t use apps much. Just remember, be careful with how you use it. Use Instander’s cool things wisely and don’t share other people’s stuff without asking.

Instander makes Instagram better. It’s like a new version of Instagram – all the things you like, plus extra good stuff. Try it and see how it makes your Instagram use better!

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