Instander Clone and Unclone

Instander Clone and Unclone Versions



Instander is a changed version of Instagram that gives you extra things to do that you can’t do in the normal Instagram app. It comes in two types – Clone and Unclone. This app makes your Instagram better by letting you do cool stuff like save photos and videos and control who sees what you do.

Some people who aren’t part of Instagram made Instander to give users more control over how they use Instagram. You can do things like keep photos and videos, hide when you’re online, and change how the app looks. It’s like a better Instagram, with all the normal stuff plus some nice extras.

You won’t find Instander in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. To get it, you need to download a special file called an APK from websites you can trust. Make sure you only get it from good places to keep your phone safe. While it lets you do great things, remember it’s not made by the real Instagram people.

Understanding Unclone and Clone Versions

Instander comes in two types – Clone and Unclone. These versions let you use the app in different ways on your phone. Let’s look at what each one means for you.

Instander Clone and Unclone Versions

Unclone Version

The Unclone version is more like a new Instagram. It takes the place of the real app on your phone. This version uses the name com.insta, just like the real Instagram.

  • You need to remove the real Instagram app first
  • It feels just like the normal app
  • Some people say it works a bit better than the Clone version

Clone Version

The Clone version is like having another Instagram on your phone. You can keep the normal Instagram app and add Instander next to it. This version has its own name, called

  • You can keep your normal Instagram app
  • It’s good if you want to use both apps at the same time
  • You can change between the normal and changed app easily

Key Features of Instander

Instander has many things that make using Instagram easier and more fun. Here’s what you can do with this better version of Instagram:

  • Save Media: Keep any photo, video, story, or reel you like. No need to take screenshots anymore!
  • No Ads: You won’t see those annoying ads in your feed and stories. Just enjoy looking at posts without stops.
  • More Privacy: Keep your Instagram use private. Hide when you’ve seen stories or read messages.
  • Better Quality: Put up and see content that looks better. Your photos and videos will look clearer.
  • Hidden Mode: Use Instagram without anyone knowing. No one will see you’re online or looking at their stuff.
  • Change How It Looks: Make the app look how you want. Change colors, writing, and how things are set up to fit what you like.

Comparison: Instander vs Official Instagram

Let’s look at how Instander is different from the normal Instagram app. This will help you choose if Instander is good for you.

ThingInstanderNormal Instagram
Saving Photos and VideosCan save photos, videos, and stories by just tappingCan’t save most things easily
AdsNo ads in your feed or storiesShows ads in feed, stories, and explore
Privacy ThingsCan hide when you’re online, if you read messages, and when you’re typingHas some privacy settings but not many
Changing How It LooksCan change app colors, writing, and how things are set upCan’t change much about how it looks

Good and Bad Things About Using Instander

Like any app, Instander has good and not so good parts. Here’s what you should think about before changing to it:

Good Things

  • You can save any photo or video you like without using other apps
  • No more annoying ads when you’re looking at posts
  • Keep what you do on Instagram private with better settings
  • Make the app look how you want it to

Not So Good Things

  • You can’t get it from normal app stores, so you have to update it yourself
  • Some Instagram things might not work right away
  • It might not follow Instagram’s rules
  • If something goes wrong, there’s no official help


Have questions about Instander? Here are answers to the ones people ask a lot:

Is Instander safe to use?

Instander is made to be safe. The person who made it added special things to help stop your account from getting blocked. But remember, it’s not a real Instagram app, so be careful and keep your account safe.

Can I use both Clone and Unclone versions?

You can have both on your phone, but not at the same time. The Clone version lets you keep the normal Instagram app too. The Unclone version takes its place. Pick the one that works best for you.

Will I get in trouble for using Instander?

While Instander tries to keep users safe, there’s always a small chance of problems when using apps that aren’t official. To stay safe, don’t do things that look like spam and don’t use features too much that might look strange to Instagram.

How often does Instander get new updates?

Instander gets new updates pretty often, usually every few weeks or when Instagram changes big things. Check to get the newest version so you have all the new features and fixes.

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