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Instander Downloads Media in WebP Format



Instander, a well-known Instagram mod app, recently started downloading media in the WebP format. This change made many users wonder why this shift happened. WebP is a new image format made by Google that has many benefits over older formats like PNG and JPEG. It compresses better, so file sizes are smaller without losing image quality.

Google made the WebP format to make images load faster on websites. Instander is using this format to make the user experience better by using less data and making media load quicker. Google says WebP images can be up to 26% smaller than PNG or JPEG images while still looking just as good. This big drop in file size means faster downloads and smoother browsing in the Instander app.

Why Instander Downloads Media in WebP Format

Instander chose to use the WebP format for downloaded media for a few reasons that make the app work better and give users a good experience. By using WebP, Instander wants to give users a smooth and easy way to download media.

Instander Downloads Media

Performance & Efficiency

One of the main reasons Instander is using WebP is to make the app run better and faster. WebP images are smaller in size but still look good. This makes the app load quicker, run smoother, and feel better to use. Users can download media fast and browse content with less lag.

Save Your Data

Instander using the WebP format is also great for mobile users, especially those with small data plans or slow internet. Since WebP images are smaller, they use less data when downloading. This means users can save data and enjoy more content without going over their limits or waiting a long time for downloads.

Beyond Data Saving

While saving data is a big plus, Instander picking Google’s WebP format could have other benefits too. By using Google’s tech, Instander might work better with other Google apps and services. This could lead to new features and a smoother experience across different platforms in the future.


In the fast-changing tech world, staying up-to-date is key. By using WebP, Instander shows it wants to use the latest tech that will last. As things keep changing online, Instander using WebP means the app will keep working well and give users a download experience that’s ready for the future.

Compliance with Instagram’s Policies

Instander moving to WebP format may also be to follow Instagram’s rules about downloading and sharing images. WebP squeezes images well while still respecting copyrights. By using this format, Instander wants to let users easily download media while still following Instagram’s guidelines.

Advantages of WebP Format

  • Makes files smaller without making images look worse
  • Works well with most popular web browsers
  • Lets you download high-res media in small file sizes
  • Takes up less storage space on your devices

Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format

Even though Instander‘s default WebP format has many perks, some users might want to change the format of their downloaded photos. It’s good to know that WebP images might have issues when uploaded back to Instagram, making them look blurry or messed up. But this can be easily fixed by changing the file type.

For users who want to upload Instander’s downloaded photos to Instagram without losing quality, changing the WebP files to a more common format like JPEG or PNG is a simple fix. By changing the file type, users can make sure their downloaded media will work with Instagram’s upload rules, letting them share their favorite moments clearly and easily.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Photo Format

  1. Open File Manager: Go to your phone’s file manager app to find your downloaded images.
  2. Find Instander Folder: Use the search in the file manager to find the folder where Instander keeps its downloaded media files.
  3. Pick Image to Change: Find the image file you want to change the format of and select it.
  4. Rename File Type: Change the file type at the end of the image’s name from .webp to either .jpg or .png, whichever you like.
  5. Save Changes: Tap “OK” or “Rename” to save the new file name with the format you picked.

By following these steps, you can change the WebP photos you picked into JPG or PNG formats that work well. This makes sure the images will upload to Instagram without any problems.

Pros and Cons of Changing WebP to Other Formats

When thinking about changing WebP images to other formats like JPG or PNG, it’s important to look at both the good and bad sides fairly. While changing formats can have some perks, it’s also good to know the downsides that might come with it.

Pros and Cons of Changing WebP


  • Makes sure images work with Instagram and other sites for easy uploading and sharing
  • Stops images from looking blurry or messed up like they might with WebP format


  • Makes file sizes bigger than the small WebP format
  • Takes up more storage space on your device, which might affect how much room you have
  • Leads to slower upload and download speeds because the files are bigger

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will changing image formats affect my ability to upload to Instagram?

Don’t worry, changing your WebP images to JPG or PNG formats that are widely used will let you upload them to Instagram with no problems. The change makes sure they work perfectly, so you can share your favorite moments without any issues.

Do I need a separate app to change WebP files?

Most of the time, you can change WebP files to other formats right in your phone’s file manager. Just rename the file type and you’re set – no need to download any extra apps.

Will I lose image quality when changing from WebP?

WebP’s advanced compression tech lets it keep great image quality while keeping files small. When you change your WebP images to JPG or PNG, the visual quality should stay the same or might even get a bit better. But keep in mind this boost in quality means the file size will be bigger.


Instander‘s smart choice to use the WebP format for image downloads has changed the user experience for the better by finding the perfect mix of quality and speed. By using WebP‘s advanced compression, Instander lets users enjoy high-quality images while using a lot less data and storage space. This new approach not only saves valuable resources but also makes sure the app loads faster and runs smoother.

For users who want to change their WebP downloads to more common formats to make uploading easier, Instander has a simple solution. With just a few easy steps, users can quickly change the file type of their downloaded images from .webp to .jpg or .png, making them work perfectly with Instagram and other sites. This flexibility gives users full control over their media and lets them share their favorite moments easily across different platforms.

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