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Instander is the most loved and the most popular mod application for the Instagram app. It provides various extra features that the official app doesn’t provide. The Instander app was launched in 2018 and now it has been upgraded, after every update, it gets better. Till now around 15 versions have been provided to the users by the parent company of Instander “The Dise”.

In this post, we will be discussing all the older versions of the Instander mod app. We will also provide you the Download Older Versions of Instander Mod Apk option. You can download the older versions of Instagram by clicking the download button given in this post.

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What is Instander?

Instander is a third-party application for Instagram which offers a lot more features compared to Instagram. It was developed by a company named “The Dise”. Till now a lot of versions of Instander are developed by the company with some improvements in every version.


But there are some basic features of the app that every version of Instander App consists of. You can have a look at the features of the Instander app.

Features of Instander

The features which Instander APK offers to its users are as follows.

  • Download Videos and Photos
Download Videos and Photos

You can download the post in one click through Instander APK. Which you can’t do in the official version of Instagram.

  • Hide Read Receipts

You can hide your read receipts, which is another privacy feature that Instander provides. On the official Instagram app, it shows the sender if the message is seen or not. But in the Instander app, you can disable this option.

  • Disable Ads
Disable Ads

On the official Instagram app, there are loads of ads. After every few minutes of scrolling, you will find many ads. Which are sometimes annoying and time-wasting. And the official Instagram doesn’t provide you with any feature to disable the ads. But the Instander mod app provides you with a very special feature through which you can disable the ads.

There are many more features that the Instander app provides to its users. You can experience them on any version of Instander. 

Download old versions of Instander

Download old versions of Instander

You can download any version of Instander from the list given below. We have provided you with all the versions of Instander to download. You can download them without any worries.

Why to use an older version of Instander?

No doubt Instander is the best mod application for Instagram. And the latest version of Instander works as per the latest version of Instagram. Instagram provides new features after every update, if you don’t like those features on your Instander mod app, you can download the older version.

Note that the Instander app has undergone several modifications and updates since its initial release. Choose your favorite version wisely.

How to Install Instander Old Versions for Android?

To install the older version of Instander you must follow the easy steps given below.

install the older version of Instander

Step 1: Click the download button

Click the download button of your favorite older version of Instander given and after a few seconds, the app will start downloading on your device. 

Step 2: Let the application install

Once the download is completed the app will install automatically. You just need to turn on one of the settings that says “Allow downloads from this source [Your web browser]”

Step 3: Log in

Once the app is being installed you can open it and log in with your existing Instagram account, and can use every feature present in the app. 

By following these easy steps you can access the Instander app securely. We promise you that the app we provide you is virus and infection-free. Our expert developers check the application multiple times so that we can provide you with a virus-free application. 

How to Install Instander Old Versions for PC?

Instander is not made for PC but with the help of some software you can access it on your computer device also. You just need to follow the simple steps given below to get the Instander app for your PC. 

Step 1: Download any Android emulator


At the very first step, you need to download any Android emulator on your PC. You can go with Bluestacks, NOX, LDPlayes, MeMU, and many more.

Step 2: Open this link 

Once the emulator is installed, open the web browser present in the emulator. Open this link on the web browser present in that Android emulator. 

Step 3: Download it

Click the download button from the above list, to download your favorite Instander version. Wait for a few seconds to let the app download. Once it is downloaded, install it.

Step 4: Log in

Log in with your existing Instagram ID, to use extra features and enhance your Instagram using experience. 

I think we have discussed every possible information related to the older version of Instander. 

Is Instander’s old version safe?

The answer to this question may vary according to the sources one downloads from. If you download it from this website. YES, it is completely safe, virus-free, and corrupted files free. You can download it without any worries. 

Instander's old version safe


I hope you liked the information that I provided you in this Download older version of the Instander post. And I hope this information will help you in one or another way. You can trust the application that we provided. It is virus-free and secure for your Android device. 

In the end, I would like to add that Instander is one of the top loved mod apps for Instagram. Which offers numerous features beyond the basic features of Instagram. 

Thank You!

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