Instander VS AeroInsta

Instander VS AeroInsta



Instagram is very popular for sharing photos and videos. It has more than 2 billion people using it. We use it to talk with friends, see posts from famous people, and show our best pictures. Some users want extra features that are not in the normal Instagram app.

That’s why apps like Instander and AeroInsta were made. These are not official Instagram apps. They have more features than the regular Instagram. You can download posts, hide when you’re online, and have better privacy control. Many people like these extra features and want to try these apps.

Overview of Instander and AeroInsta

Instander is a changed version of Instagram made by TheDice. It has more features than the normal Instagram app. You can save posts, change how they look, and set your privacy the way you want.

AeroInsta is another changed Instagram app, made by Hazar Bozkurt. This app also has extra features not in regular Instagram. You can keep stories, not show when you’re online, and even get back messages you deleted. If you want more control over Instagram, AeroInsta might be good for you.

Privacy Control Comparison

Ghost ModeMany ways to hideBasic ways to hide
Hide Online StatusYes, with more optionsYes, but fewer options
Disable Read ReceiptsYes, for all messagesWorks for some messages
Hide Typing IndicatorYes, you can change itYes, only on or off
Story View PrivacySee stories without others knowingSome ways to hide who you are

Ghost Mode in Instander

Instander’s Ghost Mode helps you use Instagram without others seeing what you do. You can look at posts and stories without anyone knowing. It’s like being invisible on the app.

  • Not showing when you’re typing
  • Hiding when you see stories
  • Not showing when you read messages
  • Not letting others know you saw their posts
  • Hiding when you’re using the app

AeroInsta’s Privacy Features

AeroInsta has some good ways to keep your Instagram use private. It’s not as hidden as Instander, but it still helps you avoid some of Instagram’s watching features. Here’s what you can do to keep things quiet:

  • Not showing when you’re online
  • Choosing who can see what you do
  • Not letting others know you read their messages
  • Turning off the typing sign in chats
  • Limiting who can see you watched their story

User Interface and Customization

Instander looks nice and new. It takes Instagram’s normal look and makes it better. You can change colors, pick themes, and even change how words look. It’s like making Instagram look how you want.

With Instander, you control how your app looks. Want a dark screen that’s better for your eyes? You can do that. Want different colors in your messages? That’s easy. You can even make buttons bigger or smaller and move things around how you like.

AeroInsta is more simple for changing how it looks. You can change some basic colors and switch between light and dark screens. It’s not as fancy as Instander, but it works if you want to change Instagram a little bit.

Download Capabilities

Both Instander and AeroInsta let you save Instagram things to your phone. It’s like keeping the good stuff you see for later. Here’s how they compare for saving different types of posts:

Type of PostInstanderAeroInsta
PhotosEasy to save, good qualitySimple saving, original quality
VideosEasy to save with quality choicesBasic video saving
IGTVCan save all IGTV videosLimited IGTV saving
ReelsQuick saving without watermarkNormal reel saving
StoriesSave stories without others knowingBasic story saving

Additional Features

Instander Exclusive Features

  • No ads when you look at posts
  • Easy to copy words from bio, comments, and under posts
  • Make profile pictures bigger
  • Stop videos from playing on their own to save data
  • Share whole pictures without cutting parts off

AeroInsta Exclusive Features

  • See how your profile is growing
  • Change comments and words under posts to your language
  • Get back messages you deleted
  • Lock the app with your fingerprint or a number code
  • Save your stories to your phone automatically

Security Considerations

Using changed Instagram apps can be risky. You get more features, but you might lose your account. These apps are not made by Instagram, so Instagram might not like you using them. Your account could get blocked or closed if you’re not careful.

Instander seems to care more about keeping your account safe. They make changes often to match what Instagram does. AeroInsta doesn’t change as much, which might make it less safe. Both apps need your login information, so you’re trusting them with your password. It’s a risk, so think carefully before you use them.

Performance and Stability

Instander works very well. It opens quickly, doesn’t stop working much, and doesn’t use too much of your phone’s power. People say it feels just like the real Instagram but with more features.

AeroInsta can work differently for different people. Some say it works great, while others say it stops working and has problems. It might not work well on older phones or if your phone is almost full. If you want an app that always works well, Instander might be better.

Updates and Support

Instander’s makers change the app often, adding new things quickly. They always fix problems and make the app work better. If you have trouble, their Telegram group has many people ready to help.

AeroInsta doesn’t change their app as much. They make new versions when they want to, which can take a long time. If you need help, you have to look for it yourself – there are some help papers online, but you can’t always get help right away.

User Reviews and Recommendations

People who use Instander say good things about it on Reddit. They like how well it works and how it keeps things private. One person said it’s like a better Instagram that doesn’t cost money. People on Quora also like it, and many say it’s the best changed Instagram app.

People have different opinions about AeroInsta online. Some like its special features like getting back deleted messages. Others say it doesn’t work well all the time. It seems to work well for some people and not for others, depending on their phone and luck.


For keeping things private, Instander is the best. Its Ghost Mode hides what you do on Instagram very well. AeroInsta has some ways to keep things private too, but not as many as Instander.

If you want to keep everything you do private, Instander is better. If you just want some extra features and don’t care as much about privacy, AeroInsta might be okay. It depends on how important privacy is to you.

Remember, both these apps can be risky to use. They’re not made by Instagram, so be careful. If privacy is very important to you, Instander seems safer. But the safest way is always to use the real Instagram app.

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