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Is instander Safe? User Reviews And Feedback



Many social media users are now using Instander, a changed version of Instagram. This app lets you do things like save stories, videos, and reels that you can’t do with the normal Instagram app. But some people are worried if it’s safe to use Instander.

You might be thinking: Is Instander safe for my phone? Will it keep my information private? Can I get in trouble with Instagram for using it? These are good questions that many people ask before trying Instander.

We’ll look closely at how safe Instander is, if it’s allowed to use, and what people who use it say about it. This will help you decide if Instander is good for you to use or not. We’ll also check user reviews and feedback to see what others think about using Instander.

What is Instander?

Instander is a changed type of Instagram made by someone not from Meta company. It gives you more things to do on Instagram that you can’t do with the normal app.

Here are some good things about Instander that make it different from normal Instagram:

  • You can save stories, videos, photos, and reels on your phone
  • You can choose who sees when you’re online and if you’ve read their messages
  • You can change how the app looks with different styles

The normal Instagram app doesn’t let you do these things. Instander gives you more control over what you share and who sees it.

Common Safety Concerns

When thinking about using Instander, you might worry about some things. Here are the main things people ask about:

Common Safety Concerns
  • Will my personal information be safe?
  • Can Instagram stop me from using their app if I use Instander?
  • Will Instander put bad programs on my phone?
  • Am I doing something wrong by using Instander?

It’s normal to think about these things when using apps not made by the main company. It’s good to think about safety before using new apps.

Developer’s Perspective on Safety

The person who made Instander is called “thedise”. This person really wants to make Instagram better for you to use.

Thedise says they made Instander to be safe. They put extra things in the app to keep your information private and away from bad people.

Thedise cares a lot about your privacy. They made sure Instander doesn’t look at your private things or share them without you saying it’s okay.

Thedise thinks Instander follows Instagram’s rules. But remember, Instagram might not agree, so it’s good to know this. Many user reviews and feedback say Instander is good to use, but you should still be careful.

Technical Safety Analysis

Anyone can look at Instander’s code. This means people who know about computer programs can check if there’s anything bad in it.

When you start using Instander, it will ask what you want it to use on your phone. You can say yes or no to things like using your camera or looking at your photos.

Instander uses some code from other places. This helps make the app faster, but it could also cause problems if not done carefully.

It’s very important to get Instander from the right place. Only use the main website to download it. This way, you don’t get fake versions that could harm your phone.

Legal Considerations

Instander is not made by the same people who make Instagram. This means it might not follow all of Instagram’s rules.

Using Instander might make Instagram unhappy. They have strict rules about changing their app, and Instander doesn’t follow all these rules.

There’s a chance Instagram might stop you from using their app if they find out you’re using Instander. It’s like doing something you’re not supposed to – it might be fun, but it could get you in trouble.

The people who made Instander think they’re not breaking any rules. But Instagram might think differently, so be careful.

User Experiences and Reviews

What people say about using Instander is very important. Their stories can help you decide if you want to try it.

  • Happy users: Many people like Instander and haven’t had any problems
  • Unhappy users: Some people have had trouble with the app
  • Long-time users: Some people have used Instander for a long time without problems

Here’s what Jignesh Bhatiya, who knows a lot about apps, says: “I’ve used Instander and I think it’s safe. If you like apps with cool features, you might like it!” But remember, you might have a different experience. It’s good to look at many user reviews and feedback before deciding.

Potential Risks and Precautions

Using Instander might cause some problems. Here are some things that could go wrong:

  1. Data theft: Someone could take your personal information. It’s like someone reading your private notes.
  2. Malware: Bad programs could come with the app. This is like letting a bad person into your phone.
  3. Account security: Someone else might be able to use your Instagram account. This is not good.
  4. Device security: Your whole phone could have problems. It’s like one bad thing causing trouble for everything.

To stay safe, be careful with Instander. Use strong passwords and be smart about what you do on the app.

Comparing Instander to Official Instagram

FeatureInstanderOfficial Instagram
Content downloadAvailableNot available
Privacy optionsMoreNormal
Official supportLessFull
Safety guaranteeNot sureSure

Choosing between Instander and normal Instagram is like picking between a new app with cool features and an app you know is safe. Instander can do more things, but Instagram will help you if something goes wrong.

How to Use Instander Safely

If you want to try Instander, here’s how to use it carefully:

  1. Download from good places: Only get Instander from its main website. Don’t download it from other places that might not be safe.
  2. Check what it can use: When Instander asks to use things on your phone, think before saying yes. Only let it use what it needs.
  3. Use extra safety: You could use a VPN or make a new account just for Instander. This is like being extra careful.
  4. Keep it new: Always use the newest version of Instander. Old versions might not be as safe.

Remember, using Instander is like doing something new. Be careful, and don’t do things that might not be safe online. Look at user reviews and feedback to see what others say about using it safely.

Alternatives to Instander

If you don’t want to use Instander, there are other ways to make your Instagram better:

  • Use the normal Instagram app. It’s getting new features often.
  • Try other apps that just save posts. They do one thing but do it well.
  • Look at other apps that let you see Instagram that have been checked to be safe.

Each choice has good and bad points. The normal app is safe but simple, saving apps are useful but can’t do much, and other checked apps are in the middle.

FAQs About Instander Safety

Is Instander 100% safe to use?

No app is completely safe all the time, including Instander. It’s like using any new app – it’s usually okay, but sometimes things can go wrong.

Can using Instander get my Instagram account banned?

Instagram might stop you from using their app if they find out you’re using Instander. It’s like doing something you’re not supposed to – you might not get caught, but you might.

Is Instander legal?

We’re not sure if Instander is completely okay to use. It’s not against the law, but it might not follow Instagram’s rules. It’s like coloring outside the lines in a coloring book.

How can I ensure my data is safe when using Instander?

To keep your information safe with Instander, be careful about what you share. Use hard-to-guess passwords, don’t use public internet, and always be careful.


We’ve looked at the good and bad things about Instander. It has some cool features, but it might not be completely safe.

Using Instander is like trying a new game. It might be fun, but there’s always a small chance something could go wrong.

You need to decide if Instander’s extra features are worth the possible problems. Think about what’s important to you when using social media apps.

No matter what you choose, always be safe online. Your personal information is important – take care of it! Remember to look at user reviews and feedback to help you decide if Instander is right for you.

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