Instander is a changed form of Instagram that gives you more features than the normal app. You can save photos and videos, hide when you're online, and use it without ads. Many people like Instander because it makes Instagram better in ways the regular app doesn't.

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Instagram has more than 2 billion people using it, but some think it doesn’t do enough. That’s where Instander comes in. It keeps the main parts of Instagram but adds ways to keep things private, change how it looks, and save stuff. If you want to control your Instagram use more, you might want to try Instander 2024.

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You can’t get Instander Apk from the Google Play Store because it’s not an official app. To use it, you have to get the APK file from another website and put it on your phone yourself. This takes an extra step, but it lets you use all the extra things Instander v18.0 APK download can do.

Overview of Instander 2024 

Application NameInstander
Developed byThe DIse
Application typeThird-Party
Why to use?Better and extra features
than Instagram
Latest Versionv18.0

What is Instander?

Instander makes Instagram better by adding things many people want. A person called “The Dise” made this extra version that lets you do more on Instagram. It’s like Instagram, but with more abilities.

The new Instander Apk 2024 does even more than before. It has many things the normal app doesn’t have. If you ever wished Instagram could do more, you might like Instander.

From keeping things more private to sharing pictures and videos better, Instander gives you what Instagram users have asked for. It does things the normal app doesn’t, letting you control your Instagram use more.

Features of Instander mod APK 2024

The Latest Version of Instander gives you many new tools. Here are some of the best things it can do:

  • Save Photos and Videos: You can save any post or story by just tapping. You don’t need to take screenshots anymore.
  • Hide When You Read Messages: You can read messages without the other person knowing. They won’t see you read it until you want to answer.
  • Disable Ads: You can use Instagram without seeing ads in your feed.
Disable Ads
  • Works Well on Old Phones: Instander runs good even on older phones. It doesn’t use up your battery fast.
  • Better Picture Quality: Your pictures stay clear. Instander v18.0 APK download keeps pictures looking good when you upload or save them.
Improve Photo Quality
  • Longer Stories: You can share stories that are longer than 60 seconds.
  • More Looks and Writing Styles: You can change how the app looks. You can pick from more styles to make it look how you like.

Additional Features of Instander

  • You can make pictures bigger
  • You can stop videos from playing by themselves
  • You can change how big the words are
  • You can share other people’s stories
  • You can stop stories from moving to the next one by themselves
  • Your reels and stories look better when you upload them

Instander Apk makes using Instagram easier. You can make pictures bigger to see them better, stop videos from playing to save your internet, and make words bigger so they’re easier to read. Sharing is easier too – you can share other people’s stories and your videos look better. Also, you can look at stories for as long as you want without them changing to the next one.

Why Choose Instander over Official Instagram?

The Latest Version of Instander has things that make it better than the normal Instagram app. Here’s why some people use it:

  • You don’t need to take pictures of your screen. Instander lets you save photos and videos right away.
  • You can make the app look how you want. You can pick from more styles and writing types.
  • You don’t see ads. Your feed is just posts from people you follow.
  • You can keep things more private. You can hide when you read messages and control who sees when you’re online.

For many people, these good things make Instander v18.0 APK download better. It gives you an Instagram that does more, with extra tools to make using it better.

Is Instander safe to use?

Using apps that are not made by Instagram can be risky, and Instander is one of these. Many people use it without problems, but there are things to think about. You decide how you want to use Instagram, so it’s good to know what might happen.

It’s important to get Instander Apk from good websites. Only use websites you trust when you download it. Bad links might give you things you don’t want on your phone. Stay safe by being careful about where you get your apps.

Know that some bad things could happen. Some people say they got bad programs on their phones or their accounts were stopped. Also, we don’t know how they use your information. These things might not happen, but it’s good to think about them before you use Instander.

If you want to try Instander 2024, the link on this page is safe. We checked it to help keep you safe. But still be careful and think about keeping your phone safe.

Instander for Other Devices

Instander Apk works best on phones, but what if you like using a bigger screen? It’s made for phones, but there’s a way to use it on computers too. You can use it if you like to look at Instagram on your computer.

You can use programs that make your computer act like a phone. These smart programs make it like you have a phone inside your computer.

  • Good ones to use are Bluestacks, NOX, LDPlayer, and MeMU. Each one works a bit differently.
  • If you need help setting it up, we can help. We have a guide that tells you how to put Instander on your computer step by step.

How to Use Instander’s Extra Features

Downloading Photos and Videos

  1. Open Media: Tap the three dots on the post you want.
  2. Save Option: Press “Save to device”.
  3. Download Complete: Look for your saved stuff in your phone’s pictures.

Hiding Ads

  1. Settings: Go to Instander’s settings.
  2. Ad Options: Find where it talks about Ads.
  3. Disable: Turn off the switch to get rid of ads.

Copying Bio, Comments, or Captions

  1. Select Text: Press and hold the words you like.
  2. Copy: Tap Copy when it shows up.
  3. Result: Now you can paste those words anywhere.

Latest Version of Instander 2024

Instander v18.0 APK download has some new things. Here’s what’s different:

  • New Look: If your phone uses Android 12 or newer, you can use a new style called Monet.
  • Works Better: The app now works with newer phone software to run smoother.
  • New Picture: If you use the copy version, you’ll see a new app picture on your phone screen.

Remember, your phone needs to be this good to use it:

  • Android 9 or newer
  • A certain kind of processor (ARM64-v8a)

How to Download and Install Instander APK

  1. Download: Get the Instander Apk by pressing the button on
  2. Installation: Let your phone install apps that aren’t from the Play Store.
  3. Open: Start Instander 2024 and log in with your Instagram info.

Don’t worry, we checked this APK carefully. We made sure it’s safe and won’t hurt your phone. We want to keep you safe when you use it.

Difference Between Clone and Unclone Versions

Instander comes in two types: Clone and Unclone. Each is good for different people. Let’s see how they are different:

Clone Version

The Clone version is like having two Instagrams. It sits next to your normal Instagram app. You can keep both. It’s good if you want to use both or if you have more than one account.

Unclone Version

The Unclone version takes the place of normal Instagram. You have to remove the normal Instagram app first. Then the Instander Apk becomes your new Instagram, with all its extra things.

Both types have the same extra features. So you get all the good stuff no matter which one you pick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Instander?

Instander 2024 is like a better Instagram. It’s a changed version of the app you know, but it can do more. It lets you do things the normal app can’t, like saving posts or hiding when you read messages.

Is Instander safe to use?

Instander v17.1 APK download can be safe, but it depends where you get it. Only use good websites like ours to get it. It’s like buying food – you want to know it’s from a good place. Be smart, stay safe, and enjoy the extra things it can do.

What are some alternatives to Instander?

There are other apps that change Instagram too. Look into them before you try them. Find ones that people say are good and have been around for a while. Remember, your Instagram account is important, so pick carefully!


Instander gives you many new ways to use Instagram. You can use it without ads and keep things more private. It’s like making your Instagram better.

But be careful when you use it. Only get it from safe places like to keep your phone safe. It’s important to be safe online, so always be careful with new apps.

Use the Latest Version of Instander in a good way. It’s to make Instagram better, not to do bad things. More than 5 million people use it now, so it’s getting popular.

Thank You.