Download Instander for PC | Complete Guide [Latest version for 2024]



Are you looking to get Instander for PC? Good news – you can now Download Instander on your computer. Instander is a special version of Instagram with extra features. It’s better than the regular Instagram app in many ways. You’ll like using it on your PC.

Why should you Download Instander for PC? It gives you more control over Instagram. You can save photos and videos, remove ads, and use it without others knowing. The big computer screen also makes it easier to look at posts. If you want to try Instander, keep reading to learn how to get it on your PC.

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What is Instander Apk for PC?

Instander for PC is a special version of Instagram. It lets you do many things the regular Instagram doesn’t allow. You can use Instander on your computer to get more from Instagram.

The main thing about Instander is it gives you more choices. You can save photos and videos, stop ads from showing, and change how the app looks. It’s like getting extra control over Instagram on your PC.

Features of the Instander for PC

Instander for PC
  • Download photos, videos, reels, IGTV
  • No ads
  • Better privacy settings
  • Change themes and fonts
  • Make longer stories

Let’s look at these features. You can save any post you like. You won’t see ads while using the app. There’s a special mode to use Instagram without others knowing. You can make the app look how you want. And you can make longer stories without stopping. These features help you use Instagram in a better way on your computer.

Download Instander for PC

Instander is made for phones, but we can use it on computers too. We need to use something called an Android emulator. This makes your PC work like a phone.

  1. Get an emulator: You can use BlueStacks or NoxPlayer. These are good emulators.
  2. Set up the emulator: Just do what it tells you. It’s not hard.
  3. Get the Instander APK: Go to and download the newest version.
  4. Put Instander on your PC: Open the APK file with the emulator. Click a few times and it will be ready to use.

Installing Instander with BlueStacks

Here’s how to get Instander for PC using BlueStacks. Start BlueStacks and go to the main screen. Look for the Play Store icon. If you can’t find Instander there, use the BlueStacks browser to go to

Download the Bluestacks software on your computer

After you download Instander, click on the file. BlueStacks will ask if you want to install it – say yes. Wait a bit, and you’ll see the Instander icon. Click it, put in your details, and you can start using Instander on your computer.

*You can use any other Android emulator like “Nox, LD Player, MeMU Player, and many more”

Installing Instander with NoxPlayer

If you like NoxPlayer, you can use it too. After opening Nox, find the “Add APK” button on the right side. Click it and choose the Instander APK file you got earlier. Nox will start putting it on your PC right away.

When it’s done, you’ll see the Instander icon on your Nox screen. Click it, put in your Instagram info, and you’re ready. Now you can use all of Instander’s special features on your PC.

Benefits of Using Instander for PC

Why use Instander instead of regular Instagram? There are many good reasons. It’s like getting a better version of Instagram.

  • You won’t see any ads in your feed. You only see posts from people you follow.
  • You can save any photo or video you want. It’s easy to keep the posts you like.
  • Instander has more privacy settings. You can control who sees what you do.
  • You can change how the app looks. Make it suit what you like.

Use Instander on PC

Now that you have Instander for PC, let’s see how to use its special features. It’s like getting extra tools for Instagram.

Instander Photo Gallery
  • Saving photos and videos: When you see a picture you like, tap the three dots and choose “Save”. You can do this for videos too.
  • Removing ads: Go to Instander settings, find where it says “Ads”, and turn it off. This stops ads from showing.
  • Using privacy settings: If you want to look at stories without others knowing, turn on ghost mode in settings.
  • Changing how it looks: If you want a different look, go to settings, tap “Themes”, and pick the one you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Instander available for PC?

Yes, you can get Instander for PC. But you need to use something called an emulator. This makes your computer work like a phone. You can use BlueStacks or NoxPlayer to Download Instander and use it on your computer.

Does Instander improve quality?

Instander does make things look better. When you put photos or videos on Instagram using Instander, they look clearer. When you look at posts, they also look better. Instander lets you make the quality higher, so everything looks nice.

Is Instander better than Instagram?

It depends on what you like. Instander can do some things that regular Instagram can’t. It doesn’t show ads, you can save photos and videos, and it has more privacy settings. But if you want to use the official app, regular Instagram is better.


So, that’s all about Instander for PC. It’s like a special version of Instagram that you can use on your computer. You can see everything on a big screen instead of your phone.

If you want to try it, remember it’s not the official Instagram app. Be careful when you use it. But it has many good features that you might like. You can decide if you want to use it or stick with regular Instagram.

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