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Instander is primarily supported by Android and IOS (Mobile Devices). Instander is the most efficient and top MOD application for the Instagram social media platform. Since it was made for mobile devices it can only be accessed on mobile phones, but don’t worry we have found a way to access the Instander app on your computer devices too. 

We will be talking about the procedure to use Instander on your computer. I will also tell you the differences between the official Instagram app and the Instander app, so let’s begin. 

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What is Instander Apk for PC?

Instander Mod Apk for PC is a modified version of the popular Instagram app. It offers several features that are not available in the official Instagram app. We will be discussing the main features in this post. Instander Mod Apk for PC is a great way to improve your Instagram experience. 

The modified application is built by a company named “The Dise”. Let us move forward and understand “Why Instander should be used over Instagram (Features)”

Features of the Instander for PC

Instander for PC

Instander Mod app for PC has many features if we compare it to the official version of Instagram. We will discuss every point briefly.

  1. Download photos and videos from Instagram: You can download all photos or videos from the official server through the Instander APK for PC. Which the official application doesn’t allow. 
  2. To hide ads: On the official Instagram APK, you need to watch ads after every certain interval. But on the Instander APK, you can block these ads, which won’t bother you anymore.
  3. Copy bios, comments, and captions from Instagram: You can copy anybody’s bio, comments, and captions through the Instander APK, which the official app doesn’t allow.
  4. Themes and fonts: Instander Mod Apk offers a variety of themes and fonts that you can use to customize the look of the app. This can make the app more visually appealing to you.
  5. Longer stories: Instander also allows you to add longer stories, which official Instagram does not allow.

In addition to these benefits, Instander Mod Apk for PC is also constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes. Which makes it better and better after every update. 

Let us move forward and understand the process of using the Instander app on your computer devices.

Download Instander for PC

Many people wish to use this software on their PCs. You must follow the easy steps given below to download Instander for PC.

Step 1: Download the Bluestacks software on your computer

To access the Instander app on your computer, first, you need to download the Bluestacks software which is an Android emulator.

Download the Bluestacks software on your computer

Step 2: Search for the Instander app

Open the web browser on the Blue Stacks Android emulator, and open this blog’s “Download Instander” blog post.

Step 3:  Install the application

Click the download button given in the Instander download post. 

Once the application is installed, open it. Now you can log in with your Instagram account and use every feature of the Instander MOD application. Like this, you can access the Instander application on your computer device by using an Android emulator.

*You can use any other Android emulator like “Nox, LD Player, MeMU Player, and many more”

About Instander For PC

Instander primarily was not made for the PC but through some techniques and applications shown above. You can use the Instander application on your PC.

There are many Android emulators which allow their users to enjoy all Android applications on their computers. Through these Android emulators, you can use the Instander application for PC. Instander for Windows offers a safe and secure platform. This software provides superior Instagram subtitles and more functions that were absent from the original app.

Why use Instander Mod Apk for Instagram?

There are many benefits and extra features, which make Instander Mod Apk more advanced and reliable if compared to the original Instagram Apk. We will compare some additional features of the Instander to Instagram.

Instander Photo Gallery
  • Instagram doesn’t allow users to block ads but the Instander app allows users to block the ads. Ads are many times annoying and disruptive. This is one of the main benefits of the Instander app for PCs. 
  • Instander provides a feature for downloading photos and videos. Which the official app doesn’t allow and gives itself another minus point.
  • Instagram doesn’t provide as many themes and fonts as the Instander Mod Apk provides. Which gives another positive point to the Instander. 

How to use Instander Mod Apk for PC

Once you are logged into Instander Mod Apk, you can start using it just like the official Instagram app. However, there are a few additional features that you can access in Instander Mod Apk for PC.

To download a photo or video from Instagram:

  1. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the photo or video.
  2. Tap on Save to the device.
  3. The photo or video will be downloaded to your device.

To hide ads:

  1. Go to Instander Settings.
  2. Tap on Ads.
  3. Toggle the switch to Off to hide ads.

To copy a bio, comment, or caption:

  1. Tap and hold on to the bio, comment, or caption that you want to copy.
  2. Tap on Copy.

The bio, comment, or caption will be copied to your clipboard. 

Like this, you can access this extra option from the Installer app. I think we are done with understanding every possible information about the Instander app for PC.


Instander Mod Apk is a great option to use if compared to the official Instagram app. I hope you have understood the information provided in this post about the Instander app for PC. I hope this information will help you to download the Instander app on your computer device. You just need to download any Android emulator and then follow the easy steps given above to get the app. 

In the end, I would just like to add that if you are looking for the modded version of Instagram, Instander for PC is the best option available. It’s free to download, simple to install, and easy to use.

Thank You!

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