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Instander APK 18 Beta Brings Major Changes



The long-awaited Instander APK 18.0 Beta has come, starting a new chapter for this well-known Instagram mod. After a long development time, the app has been changed a lot. The developer has redone and rewritten almost every part of Instander from the ground up, promising users a brand new experience.

This big change was not a quick job. The developer put in a lot of time and work to rethink Instander’s structure, logic, and core features. The mod code has been fully rewritten, making things better in all areas of the app. This full approach aims to boost performance and add new features that users have been eagerly waiting for.

While the launch of Instander 18.0 Beta is a big step, it’s important to remember that it’s still being worked on. As with any beta version, users may find some bugs and issues. The developer knows that not everything has been fully tested yet. Those who want a totally stable experience may want to wait for the full release. But brave users now have the chance to explore and shape the future of Instander.

What is Instander APK?

Instander APK is a special version of Instagram that makes the popular app even better. Made by a Russian developer named Dmitry Gavrilov, also known as thedise online, this mod unlocks features that you can’t find in the official app. It’s like getting a special pass to a unique Instagram experience.

With Instander, you can do things the normal Instagram app doesn’t allow. Want to save photos and videos? Easy. Want to know who unfollowed you? Instander can tell you. It even lets you watch stories secretly and gives you more control over your privacy. These extra features make Instander a favorite for users who want to get more out of Instagram.

The newest version, Instander 18.0 Beta, came out on December 24, 2023. This update brings big changes, letting users try out the future of this well-liked mod. Just remember, since it’s a beta, it might have a few issues that still need to be fixed.

Key Features of Instander 18.0 Beta

  • Full redesign of the app setup and logic
  • Rewritten mod code
  • Better overall functionality
  • New user interface parts
  • Improved privacy options
  • More customization settings

Major Changes in Instander 18.0 Beta

Instander 18.0 Beta has so many changes, it would take a long time to list them all. The best way to see what’s new is to jump in and start looking around yourself. It’s like opening a gift – you’ll find new things everywhere as you use the app.

Major Changes in Instander 18.0 Beta

This update changes every part of Instander. From how it looks to how it works inside, everything has been made new. The developer has adjusted and improved things from beginning to end, trying to make your Instagram experience better and with more features than ever.

But remember, big changes can also mean new problems. You might see some small issues here and there – that’s just part of trying something very new. If you notice anything strange, don’t worry. The developer is hoping for feedback from users like you to help make this mod even better.

Beta Release Information

Instander 18.0 Beta is like a early look at the future of this well-liked mod. It’s exciting, but it’s not perfect. You might find a few problems as you use it – that’s just part of trying something new. If you’re someone who likes everything to work perfectly, you might want to wait for the full release.

This beta version is for the brave types who don’t mind a few surprises. It’s like taking a new car for a test drive before it’s ready to be sold. You get to try all the neat new features, but you might also find a few things that still need to be fixed.

By using this beta, you’re not just using the app – you’re helping make it better. Every issue you find, every feature you try, it all helps the developer improve Instander. It’s like you’re part of the team, helping guide the app to be its best. Your feedback could be really important for making Instander better for everyone.

How to Report Bugs

  1. Go to the “Instander Issues” section: Open the app settings and find this special area.
  2. Complete the error reporting form: Give as much info as you can – the more you share, the better.
  3. Don’t message the developer directly: Use the form – it helps keep things neat.
  4. Look at known issues: Quickly check the list of known problems before reporting. Your issue might already be on the list.

Language and Translation

For now, Instander 18.0 Beta is only in English. All the great new features and settings are in the language of the Queen. It’s like the app got a makeover and forgot how to speak anything else.

If you were using Instander in a different language before, those translations are taking a little break. The developer changed so many things that the old translations just don’t work anymore. It’s like trying to wear clothes that don’t fit – it just doesn’t work.

But here’s the fun part – you can help bring other languages back to Instander. If you want to help, go to the Translate tab in the Settings. It’s your chance to be a language superhero and help make Instander available to more people around the world.

Availability and Compatibility

Version18.0 Beta
Android Version9.0+ (SDK 28)
CPU ArchitectureARM64-v8a
File Size54 MB
Clone VersionNot available for beta

Future Developments

Instander’s future is looking as bright as the sun. The developer has put their heart into this update, giving the app a total makeover. It’s like Instander went to the spa, got new clothes, and came back looking amazing. This big change sets the stage for even more exciting features in the future.

But the job isn’t done yet. The developer is taking a quick break for the holidays, then it’s back to work. They’ll be fixing bugs faster than you can like a post, making every part of the app perfect. It’s all about making sure the final version is flawless.

Want to join this Instagram revolution? Get the beta, try it out, and share your thoughts. Your feedback could be the key to making Instander the best mod around. It’s your chance to help decide the future of how we use Instagram.

Comparison with Previous Versions

Instander 18.0 Beta is like comparing a race car to a regular car. Older versions like 17.2 and 17.1 were good, but this new update is on a different level. The whole app has been remade from scratch, giving you a brand new Instagram experience.

Some big new things include a redesigned look that’s cooler than ever. The download manager is a lot better, making it simpler to save the content you like. Privacy features are stronger too, giving you more control over your online activity.

But with change comes some hard choices. A few things you’re used to from older versions might be gone or work differently now. The developer had to cut some things to make space for all the new stuff. But don’t worry – the heart of what makes Instander great is still there, just with a new look.

Installation Guide

  1. Download the APK: Go to and find the brand new Instander 18.0 Beta APK. Be sure you’re getting it from our official site to stay safe.
  2. Allow installation from unknown sources: Your phone might be a bit unsure about installing apps from outside the Play Store. No worries, just go into your settings and let it know it’s okay to trust apps from other places. It’s like giving your phone a little encouragement.
  3. Install the APK: Now for the exciting part. Tap that APK file you just downloaded and let your phone handle it. It’ll double check if you’re ready – of course you are! Tap install and watch it go.
  4. First launch: When you first open Instander, it might ask you to sign in. Don’t be surprised if things look a bit new – remember, this is a whole different experience. Take a second to look around and get used to your upgraded Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Instander 18.0 Beta safe to use?

Instander 18.0 Beta is like a theme park ride – exciting, but with a small bit of risk. The developer has tried hard to keep things safe, but remember, it’s still a beta. You might find a few issues as you use it. If you’re unsure, maybe wait for the full version when everything is fixed up.

Will using Instander affect my Instagram account?

Using Instander is like wearing a cool outfit to a party – you’ll get noticed, but you probably won’t get in trouble. Instagram doesn’t really like apps from other companies, but many people use Instander with no problems. Just don’t go overboard with features that might seem odd, like following tons of people at once or sending lots of messages. Use your best judgment and you should be okay.

How often are updates released for Instander?

Instander updates are like surprise gifts – they arrive when they arrive. The developer doesn’t follow a specific timeline, but they’re always working on something new. Your best option is to keep up with Instander’s official updates or check often. That way, you’ll be the first to know when a new update is ready.

Can I use Instander alongside the official Instagram app?

You can have the best of both worlds! Instander and the official Instagram app can exist together on your phone, like good friends. Just keep in mind, they’re different apps with different logins. It’s like having two cars – convenient, but don’t get them confused!

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