Instander VS InstaPro

Instander vs InstaPro



Many Instagram users are choosing Instander and InstaPro instead of the regular app. These changed versions give users more features than the official Instagram app. Both try to make Instagram better by letting users block ads, control privacy, and download photos and videos. As more people want to change how they use social media, Instander vs InstaPro is getting more popular.

In this article, we’ll see how Instander and InstaPro work when it comes to how easy they are to use and how they look. We’ll check the main differences in how these apps look and feel when you use them. I want to help you know the good and bad things about each one so you can pick which might be better for how you use Instagram. Let’s look at how these two popular changed versions compare.

What is Instander?

A person called TheDise made Instander. It’s a special Instagram app with extra things you can do. TheDise keeps making Instander better and adding new features. The app has its own website where you can get it, which makes people trust it more.

With Instander, you can do things the normal Instagram app doesn’t let you do. You can save pictures and videos, stop ads from showing up, and change how the app looks. It’s like a better version of Instagram!

  • No ads when you look at posts
  • Keep any picture or video you want
  • Use Instagram without others knowing as much
  • Make the app look how you like

What is InstaPro?

SamMods made InstaPro, which is another changed Instagram app. It’s not the same as Instander because it doesn’t have its own website. This makes some people not sure about using it. But InstaPro still has many extra things people want to use on Instagram.

You can use InstaPro to help make your posts better and get more followers. Just like Instander, you can also save pictures and videos. You can change how the app looks too, so Instagram feels more like your own.

  • Things to help you make better posts
  • Ways to get more people to follow you
  • Save pictures and videos you like
  • Change the app to look how you want

User Interface Comparison

When you open Instander vs InstaPro, you’ll see they look a bit different from each other and from normal Instagram. Let’s see how they are different in how they look, how easy they are to use, and what you can change.

DesignInstander looks a lot like normal Instagram. It has some new buttons for the extra things you can do. It looks clean and not too different from what you know.InstaPro changes more of how Instagram looks. Some people like this, but others might need time to get used to it. You can see the new features more easily here.
NavigationIt’s easy to move around in Instander. The new things you can do are in menus that are easy to find but don’t get in your way. It feels normal to use, even with the extra choices.InstaPro puts more of its new features where you can see them right away. This means you can use them quickly, but it can also make the app look busier. You might need to look around to find everything.
CustomizationWith Instander, you can change quite a few things about how the app looks. You can pick different colors and change the layout a bit. It gives you choices without being too much.InstaPro lets you change almost everything about how the app looks. This is good if you like to change a lot of things, but it might be too much if you just want to make a few small changes.

Feature Set Comparison

Let’s see what Instander and InstaPro can do. Both these apps have special things that make Instagram better to use. I made a list to show you how they are different in some areas.

Ad BlockingInstander stops all ads. You only see posts from people you follow. It’s like there are no ads at all!InstaPro also stops ads, but sometimes a few might show up. It’s still much better than normal Instagram.
Media DownloadsWith Instander, you can save photos and videos by just tapping once. You can even save whole stories, which is very helpful.InstaPro lets you save media too, but you need to do one more step. You have to go to a special menu to find where to save things.
Privacy ControlsInstander gives you many ways to keep things private. You can hide when you’re online, stop people from seeing when you’ve read messages, and more.InstaPro has similar privacy choices, but they’re a bit harder to find in the settings. They work well once you find them.
Customization OptionsYou can change quite a few things in Instander. You can pick new colors for the app, move some buttons, and choose what features you want to see.InstaPro lets you change almost everything about how the app looks and works. It’s great if you like to make things look just how you want.

Performance and Stability

When you use a changed version of an app, you want to make sure it works well. Let’s see how Instander vs InstaPro do when it comes to working smoothly on your phone.

  • Loading Speed: Instander opens up almost as fast as normal Instagram. InstaPro can be a bit slower to start, especially if you’ve changed a lot of settings.
  • App Crashes: I found that Instander almost never stops working suddenly. InstaPro is pretty stable too, but it might close by itself a bit more often, especially after updates.
  • Resource Usage: Instander doesn’t seem to make your phone work much harder than normal Instagram. InstaPro might use a bit more of your phone’s power, especially if you’re using lots of extra features.
  • Updates and Maintenance: The Instander team puts out new versions often to fix problems. InstaPro gets updates too, but sometimes you have to wait a bit longer for them.

Privacy and Security Features

Both Instander and InstaPro say they can help keep your Instagram activities more private. Here’s what they offer to help protect your information:

  • Anonymous Story Viewing: With both apps, you can look at stories without the person knowing you saw them. It’s like looking at Instagram without being seen!
  • Read Receipt Control: Instander lets you turn off read receipts easily. InstaPro has this too, but it’s a bit harder to set up.
  • Online Status Control: Both apps let you hide when you’re using Instagram. This is good if you want to check posts without people knowing you’re there.
  • Data Protection: Instander and InstaPro both say they don’t take your info. But remember, they’re not official apps, so be careful about what you share.

Customization Options

Both Instander and InstaPro let you change how Instagram looks on your phone. This is good if you want your app to feel more like your own. Let’s see what kind of changes you can make with each one.

  • Themes and Layouts: Instander gives you a few different looks to choose from. You can pick a dark theme if you like using your phone at night. InstaPro lets you change almost everything about how the app is set up.
  • Font Styles: With Instander, you can make the words in the app a bit bigger or smaller. InstaPro lets you pick from many different writing styles, which is fun if you like to change things up.
  • Color Schemes: Instander keeps things simple with a few color choices. InstaPro is like having lots of colors to choose from – you can change the color of almost everything in the app.
  • Interface Elements: Instander lets you move some buttons around. But InstaPro takes it further – you can add new buttons, take away ones you don’t use, and make the app work how you want.

Media Handling Capabilities

One big reason people use these apps is to do more with their photos and videos. Here’s how Instander vs InstaPro handles your media:

  • Upload Quality: Instander lets you share photos and videos without making them look worse. InstaPro does this too, but it also has some extra tools to make your pictures look even better before you post them.
  • Download Options: With Instander, you can save any photo or video you see by just tapping once. InstaPro makes you go through a menu, but it lets you pick exactly which part of a post you want to save.
  • Compression: Both apps try not to make your photos and videos smaller in size too much. This means what you share looks more like what you see on your phone screen.
  • Supported Formats: Instander uses the usual photo and video types. InstaPro can use some extra file types, which is helpful if you like to get creative with different kinds of media.

User Experience Enhancements

These apps do more than just change how Instagram looks. They add new ways to use the app that can make your time on Instagram more fun or useful. Here are some cool extra things:

  • Ghost Mode: Instander has a ‘ghost mode’ that lets you look at stories without people knowing. InstaPro calls this ‘stealth mode’ and it works pretty much the same way.
  • Developer Options: If you like to change small things, Instander has a special menu with extra settings. You can change things that usually only app makers can change. InstaPro doesn’t have this, which might be good if you don’t want to accidentally mess something up.
  • Content Management: InstaPro is better here with tools to help you plan your posts. You can set up posts to go out later and organize your photos better. Instander keeps things simpler, focusing more on looking at content than managing it.
  • Analytics: Want to know how your posts are doing? Instander gives you some basic info about who’s seeing your stuff. InstaPro gives you more details, with charts and numbers to help you understand your Instagram activity better.

Community and Support

When you use a changed version of Instagram, it’s good to know where to get help if something goes wrong. Let’s see what kind of help you can get with Instander and InstaPro.

  • Official Websites: Instander has its website where you can find help. It’s like a main place for the app. InstaPro doesn’t have an official site, which can make it harder to find trustworthy information.
  • User Forums: Both apps have groups where users talk to each other. Instander’s group is bigger, so you might get answers faster. InstaPro users often share tips in smaller groups.
  • Update Frequency: The Instander team puts out new versions often. They fix things quickly when Instagram changes. InstaPro updates come out too, but sometimes you have to wait a bit longer.
  • Bug Reporting: If you find a problem in Instander, you can tell the makers directly through their site. With InstaPro, you might have to post about problems in user groups and hope someone helps.

Compatibility and Installation

Before you can use Instander vs InstaPro, you need to make sure your phone can run them. Here’s what you need to know about getting these apps on your device.

Both apps aren’t in the regular app store, so you’ll need to do some extra steps to put them on your phone. It’s not too hard, but you should be careful and follow the instructions closely.

  • Android Version Requirements: Instander has worked on most Android phones for the last few years. InstaPro needs a bit newer phone to run well.
  • Installation Steps: For Instander, you download it from their website and put it on your phone like a normal app. InstaPro might need you to change some settings on your phone first before you can put it on.
  • Side-loading Considerations: Both apps need you to allow putting on apps from “unknown sources” on your phone. This lets you put apps on your phone that aren’t from the official app store.
  • Updates and Maintenance: Instander tells you when there’s a new version right in the app. With InstaPro, you might need to check for updates yourself and download new versions on your own.

Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve looked at both apps closely, let’s sum up the good and not-so-good parts of each one. This can help you decide which might work better for you.

InstanderWorks smoothly, almost like regular Instagram
Easy to find and put on your phone from official website
Gets updates quickly when Instagram changes
Has a big group for help and tips
Fewer ways to change things than InstaPro
Might not have some of the newest Instagram features right away
Can’t use it alongside the regular Instagram app
InstaProLots of ways to change how the app looks and works
More features for managing your posts and profile
Can do some things Instander can’t, like voice messages
Often has new Instagram features before Instander
Might not run as smoothly on all phones
No official website, which can make updates tricky
Sometimes stops working more than Instander
Harder to get help if something goes wrong

User Reviews and Feedback

I’ve looked at what lots of people are saying about Instander and InstaPro. It’s interesting to see what users like and don’t like about each app. Here’s what I found out:

  • Instander User Feedback: Many people say Instander feels just like normal Instagram, but better. They like that it’s easy to use and doesn’t stop working much. Some users wish it had more ways to change how it looks, though.
  • InstaPro User Feedback: InstaPro users love how much they can change in the app. They say it’s great for making Instagram look exactly how they want. But some people say it can be a bit hard to use at first.
  • Feature Preferences: Both apps get big likes for stopping ads and letting users save photos and videos. Instander users really like the ‘ghost mode’ for looking at stories without others knowing. InstaPro fans can’t stop talking about all the ways they can make the app look different.
  • Common Complaints: Some Instander users wish it had more new things. InstaPro sometimes gets complaints about being slow or closing by itself. Both apps sometimes have problems when Instagram makes big changes.


After looking closely at Instander vs InstaPro, it’s clear that both apps have their good points. Instander keeps things simple and works well, while InstaPro gives you lots of choices to play with.

In the end, Instander is great for people who want a better Instagram that works well without much trouble. InstaPro is good for those who enjoy changing every little thing and don’t mind if it’s a bit harder to learn. Both apps do a good job of making Instagram more fun to use, so you can’t really go wrong with either one you pick.

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